The Lowery Table Adapter Kit (Table Stand)

The Lowery Table Adapter Kit is designed as a very portable alternative to the floor stand, and is especially good for classes and traveling. It is a shortened version of the floor model and is assembled using a kit plus a base and clamp from the floor stand.  There are several possible ways you can have a Table Stand.  You can order the Kit and use the base and clamp from your stand. Or, for convenience, you can order a Kit and a base and use the clamp from your stand.  Most convenient is to order a Table Adapter Kit Complete.  This is the Kit, plus a base and a side clamp, and it enables you to leave the floor stand assembled.

You have two ways to use the Table Stand.  If you wish, you can sit in a chair facing as if you were eating.  This is a good way if your stitching piece is small.  If you have a larger piece, I would suggest you sit with your chair sideways as if you were listening to a speaker.  Your stitching piece can dangle over the edge of the table and can be adjusted to suit your needs.  If you choose to do this, remember that the laws of physics will require you to have a weight on the base sitting on the table.  I find a personal or stitching bag generally is sufficient.