Daisy Dishes

Each stand comes with a simple Daisy Dish that has six  depressions that can hold beads, threads, or orts. It also comes with Little Square Magnets to make a great needle park.  Optional Liners, especially good for beading, can be added.




The Covered Daisy Dish Center Mount is designed with a cover for safekeeping and transporting of stitching necessities.  It has a top that you can slide over the lower tray for safekeeping of your beads, needles, etc. By adjusting tension, it can be rotated and optional liners can be used for beading. All Daisy Dishes are wonderful for organizing and can be used at the same time and in multiples on the floor stand or other Lowery product.



The Free Standing Daisy Dish is made of high quality material and slides onto either the horizontal or vertical  end of the “L” Bar.

DD covered 3