The more popular of the Lowery Stands is the SILVER GRAY model.  It is made of very high quality mild steel that is powder coated.  It has a gray appearance.

The STAINLESS STEEL stand is constructed of very high grade stainless steel.  It is hand polished and has a very attractive shiny finish.

There are two clamp choices.  The SIDE CLAMP is the choice of most stitchers. It clips on to the side of your stretcher bars at any point and can be moved up or down the side of your bars to facilitate easier stitching.

The CORNER CLAMP is the original clamp.  It is designed to clamp on the corner of your bars to give support to a corner and the two connecting sides.  This clamp is great for both very LARGE and very SMALL  pieces, as it holds the bars further away.  For smaller bars, it only takes a small amount of contact with the clamp to hold these smaller pieces.


You can read more about your choices under ACCESSORIES.