Romancing the Past



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The Lowery Stands have been a choice of discriminating stitchers for over 20 years.  They were originally designed by Keith Lowery as a gift to his wife – and it shows!  As you browse through our website, take notice of the special features chosen to make your stitching carefree and enjoyable. The stands are designed to last for years and have no knobs (just levers), powerful clamps (two to choose from) that can hold almost every kind of wooden stretcher bar, hoop, or tubular stretching devices like Q-Snaps.

Romancing The Past is also introducing a line of painted canvases called LOVE IN A STITCH.  These canvases are designed with embellishment in mind. They will be simple and uncomplicated providing maximum opportunity for creativity.  Yet, they will be suitable for many beginnings.  We hope you enjoy them.